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Amazing Features

Empowering you to continue being awesome


You do awesome activities everyday and we provide a system to capture all of these achievements.

Minimalistic Design

No clutter. Just what matters – A system to record, organize, and retrieve your achievements.


Doing little bits everyday or weekly helps prevent the huge task of remembering all of your achievements at one time.

At a Glance Overview

Quickly see where you achieve the most and which areas you can improve.


Stay organized through the use of categories and quickly view all of your achievements for a category.

Preparation for Common App

The common application requires information from all four years of high school; HS LaVie makes your feats easily accessible.

Why Use HS LaVie

As a student in high school who anticipates applying to a college or university, the common application will require you to enter information in regards to your high school and life achievements. High School LaVie keeps track of essential elements and streamlines the application process.

  • Reliable and trusted by high school students
  • Your achievements are perfectly organized for the future
  • Notifications provide continuous reminders
  • Breaks the process of recording achievements into manageable bits

Successful Students Use HS LaVie

High School LaVie allows students to effectively and elegantly record high school achievements. This is critically important for the college application process and prevents an "Oh shoot" moment when you are applying for college and you forget what spectacular things you were doing back in 9th grade. HS LaVie solves this problem :) Quickly, create, save, and view activities. Reminders, will encourage you to do little bits every so often in order to prevent forgetting or putting off recording your achievements.

Download High School LaVie and become more prepared for the college application process.

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The sooner you connect and download HS LaVie the sooner you will be organized, collected, and benefiting. We are doing our best to prevent the “oh shoot” moment when you go to apply and you forgot what you did back in 9th grade!

School Rewards

We firmly believe that entire school systems could benefit by adopting this application. As a result, 50% discount is given when an educational institution buys 20 or more copies.

Agile Iteration

Want a feature? Do you think we could improve somewhere? Shoot us an email! We rapidly iterate our products and we are here to create the best product for you ☺

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